About Us


Physician & Nurse Licensing Services (PNL) specializes in assisting Physicians, PAs, NPs, CRNAs, RNs and therapists with obtaining medical licenses throughout the United States and its territories. MDs and DOs turn to us for assistance with state licensure – for one or multiple states.

Licensure can be a difficult, confusing and time-consuming process. With more than 15 years of experience, we know how to meet the detailed requirements of state boards and get a license as quickly as possible.

PNL offers multi-state assistance for healthcare professionals at every level. Medical staffing companies and large group practices with multi-state contracts turn to PNL for assistance with getting their providers licensed in the states they maintain facilities. Insurance companies and durable medical equipment providers hire us to assure that they have doctors and nurses licensed in all states in which they operate. Corporations who provide triage services to facilities across the country use PNL to coordinate state license applications for Registered Nurses.

As telemedicine grows in use and importance, PNL is being asked to assist more frequently with telehealth providers in various states. In addition to strictly medical specialties, we are working with behavioral healthcare professionals providing telehealth in major markets.


Look at your qualifications compared to state requirements.

Prepare applications for your review and signature, send out all verifications and ensure paperwork gets processed and forwarded to the state boards in a timely manner.

Consistent communication with the applicant regarding the status of the medical license.