Relationship-based customer service. When you work with us, the same person will manage your license application from start to finish. Getting to know your situation and circumstance helps our team meet your needs.

Experience. We use our long-standing relationships with State Boards to benefit you.

Our Process

  • Obtain a CV along with our standard Release of Authorization by clicking here.
  • No other forms are required. We get license applications out to our clients within two to three days of authorization. We also offer an expedited service to speed up the process even more.
  • Prepare draft application(s) for review and signature. We’ll tell you in the cover letter if we need anything else, like a current picture.
  • Provide a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope, so it’s easy to return applications.
  • Once we get the package back, we will prepare it for submission to the Board and request all required source documentation. This includes transcripts, test scores, license verifications, employment verifications, references – anything that the state requires for licensure.
  • We work with the applicant and the Board to get the license issued as quickly as possible, all the while making the process as painless and hassle free for you.