Most State Boards take one to three months to process an application once all the documentation has been received. If you use FCVS, it can add a month or more to processing times. We can give you an estimate on licensing times once we review your CV and know the states you are considering. Expedited processing is also available.

Our fee includes filling out your application and the necessary verification forms, requesting source documentation, and submitting your application to the State Board. It also includes the follow-up work to obtain your license. Your total cost includes our administrative fee plus the costs you would incur if you were doing the license application yourself. These costs will include application and verification fees. We will provide you with an estimate of this cost once we have reviewed your CV and know what states you’re interested in.

At PNL, we’ve streamlined the application process to make our services as convenient as possible. There are no forms to complete. Just email or fax your CV to us, sign our release and we can begin processing your application. We will estimate the fees and provide you with an invoice. You can call us with a credit card or mail a check.

Our email address is: info@physician-nurselicensing.com. Our fax number is 404-254-1241.

The process of licensure is tedious, time consuming and sometimes stressful. PNL handles those headaches, while you can get on with your busy career. We have strong relationships with State Boards, and those relationships work to your benefit.

Yes, PNL has worked with individual doctors, medical staffing and management companies, large practices, and corporations to obtain licenses for multiple doctors and nurses in dozens of states. Give us a call to discuss how we can design and approach your project.